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(Please note that you are required to upload your entry with a video quality of 1080p on YouTube and must be labelled as “Unlisted”).

(Please note that for non-English mediums, you are required to include English subtitles).

(Not more than 180 words).



Participants are complete this Entry Form available at This entry form, upon submission on the website, will be submitted to

The participant’s short film shall be uploaded onto their respective YouTube channels with a video quality of 1080p. Participant’s film entry upload must be labelled as “Unlisted” and must not be sharable on any online avenues. The Youtube video ID to the short film must be included in the entry submission.

A complete submission to the BMW Shorties should include:-

• A completed entry form.

• A soft copy promotional still image or poster of your short film of at least 1MB.

• A URL link to your short film on your YouTube channel in 1080p, labelled as “Unlisted”.


All entries MUST be submitted by 6.00pm, Tuesday, 8 November 2016

BMW Group Malaysia reserves the right to refuse or cancel the screening of any film which is of insufficient quality to ensure satisfactory public screening. The decision of BMW Group Malaysia in all matters relating to the Competition shall be final and binding.


I hereby certify that the above information is true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge and I understand that any false statement(s) will result in my entry being disqualified. I have also read and thoroughly understood the Entry Information & Rules of the BMW Shorties Competition.

By clicking submit on the entry form, I hereby agree to the terms and condition of the BMW Shorties competition and have duly abided by and/or complied with them.